Friday, May 11, 2012

When The Priest / Bishop That Abuses Children is Your Friend

Seems everytime I link U.S Catholic I am complaining about what they wrote. However I wanted to give this personal post of one of the writers some PR. See Anthony J. O'Connell: My friend, my bishop, and an abuserAnthony J. O'Connell: My friend, my bishop, and an abuser

Life is indeed complicated at times.


Guinavere Jones said...

I don't understand it! This child molestor is not a "marvelous person", and he is not the friend of anyone except his Catholic co-conspirators, enablers, fellow pedophiles, and protectors. I don't see anything complicated about it. This criminal should never have been protected by the Catholic Church and allowed to spend his life molesting children in the Catholic church until it was learned by people outside the Catholic Church that he was a child molestor, and then he was protected from prison and lived out his life in some luxurious retirement resort. And now that he has finally died, his protectors and enablers are lamenting his death and talking about how complicated life is because the friends and "marvelous people" in the lives of Catholics are pedophiles. Well Jesus was a friend of sinners and publicans, but he said that it would be better for a man to have a millstone tied to his neck and then cast into the sea, than for him to harm a child in this way. The Catholics just don't have any remorse, and it seems that they will never learn that little children are not put here on this Earth for their sexual pleasure. It is not complicated at all.

James H said...

Well it is sort of like this. Aevery criminal even the worse has a mother, father,grandparnents, cousins, maybe brothers and sisters.

I suspect they still love them despite their horrible crime.

Also it is truly hard to love the worse of sinners at times. From what I read it does not seem this sin could nvever be forgiven. That does not not make the the actions of the Priest ( or anyone well ) OK. In fact I think the author of that article I think was dealing with that in a balance way.

Guinavere Jones said...

Repentence is a prerequisite to forgiveness. And repentence does not mean hiding and covering up the rape of children and then tranferring the pedophile to Florida where he can rape the children there. Child molesters can be just as forgiven while they are locked up where they can't go on raping more children. These Catholic priests, like the one who wrote this praising his former child molesting bishop as a "marvelous human being" still don't understand that this is absolutely unacceptable behavior. Freedom of religion does not give anyone the right to molest children.