Monday, May 14, 2012

Pontifical North America College Seminarians In Rome Win Clericus Championship Soccer Cup ( Lot of Pictures)


USA USA USA USA!! ( and Australia too)

The Seminarians at the Pontifical North American  University in Rome for the first time won the Clericus Cup championship title. There is a short fun article on it here which also explains why Cardinal Pell was on the sidelines rooting for North American Team. It appears a lot of American expats and students in Rome came out and supported.

The North American College has a tremendous web site that is fun to explore.  I found their Orientation section for new seminarians pretty interesting.

Getting back to the game here are the pics of the Trophy Presentation ( the trophy is unique :)  )

Here are 340 picks from the game itself. Looks like a great crowd

This is a collection of pics from the Semi Final Game. I wanted to point this out since a few of their unusual mascots are shown ( see below)

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