Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why Is Mega Law Firm of Jones Day Representing Catholic Church For Free In HHS Birth Control Mandate Cases

Did You know the Global law firm of Jones Day is representing the Catholic Church across the nation FREE OF CHARGE for the lawsuits they filed around the country on Monday. See Catholics suing to block U.S. contraception rule


The question is why? Jones Day himself might be a super Catholic ,and think this is a needed service to his Church. If you look at the number of suits and lawyers on those complaints that's quite a free service.

One other option is perhaps Jones Day sees this as a important  case in the big scheme of American legal history  , and heck even winnable ( gasp) and thus this gift.

I wonder if anyone anyone ( Bueller ? Bueller ? ) will think to follow this up and find out. That seems kinda of well as said interesting and important.

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Anonymous said...

There is no one named "Jones Day." Those are the last names of founding partners of the firm.