Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pope Names Bishop Samuel Aquila of Diocese of Fargo New Archbishop of Denver ( Updated)

Big news for one of the more important Archdioceses of the Country which also includes various groups that have an nationwide impact. Whispers has The "Eagle" Returns -- Fargo's Aquila Headed Home to Denver .

As noted in Rocco's article he has not only deep Colorado roots his lots of experience in Vocations and Priestly formations. He will have one of the more important Seminaries in the American West , which by the way he was the founding rector.

The Bishop made some news these past months when on his  ad limina visit the Pope praised him for reordering the Sacraments. Confirmation comes before Eucharist in the Diocese of Fargo.

Update- The Archdiocese of Denver has a page up on the appointment that already at this early hour has a lot of links building on it.

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