Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Unity !! Liberal and Conservative Catholics Agree " Vatican II " Church Buildings Suck Wind ( New Trends )

Have you ever noticed in some neighbor hoods with a lot of 70's designed housing that many are not exactly jumping to buy? In fact out of the young couples I know getting back to the traditional and fixing up older houses is the thing.

I think we have the same dynamic in the Catholic Church. America had a good article at Upon This Foundation -Are new church designs taking us backward?

My main objection to the article is some comments about where the Tabernacle is suppose to be located under liturgical norms. See the comments here that link this article for clarification.

I think there is a trend because I am seeing a lot of more traditional designs on the Internet.

Happily I think this is one area where " liberal " and " conservative" Catholics agree. Everyone is tired of the town funeral home looking like St Peters compared the Parish Church.  The majority did not like it , but went along with it because Vatican II Supposedly told us we had to do all this.

I saw this play out in a couple of Parishes as to Church designs , but the Bishops said this was what the liturgical experts said was required. Which was often balderdash

I am sure some "experts" will flip , but imagine in altar Rails and kneeling came back.This is again another change we were told we must like. Though it appears according to very informal polls I have taken both "liberal" and "Conservative" Catholic like kneeling for communion . It will be interesting to see if the Church design brings that back too.

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