Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pro Life Human Rights Activist Chen Guangcheng Situation Is Wake Up Call To GOP ( Look in the Mirror )

I am not happy with how the Chinese human rights activist / Pro lifer Chen Guangcheng,  situation is going down. See US Sells out Blind Chinese Activist? I am hoping this is as not as bad as it looks!! Some background on this person can be found via this Get Religion piece Chen Guangcheng, generic human-rights activist

However we Republicans better not jump on our high horse that much after this past year. This year we have seen quite a crackdown on the freedom of religion in China. Yet despite having an former Ambassador to China in the race , I can not recall one time at any debate he was questioned on this issue. In fact it was largely absent totally from the debates.

The one exeception proved to be the rather  short lived campaign of Congressman Thad McCotter  See Lopez's piece from the National Review I Can See China from Iowa -Thad McCotter knows the moral of our debt story.
Also related Our VPOTUS at Work in China, Affirming Brutal One-Child Policy.

I understand that dealing with these issues with China is often a pragmatic excercise. I also think for many of the concerns we see realted to Chen Guangcheng the GOP has the most voices. However the voices in the GOP , are just like many in the Democratic party. They don't lead on issues , but are led by the 24 hour news cycles from issue too issue. Issues that often in just weeks go from "threat to the Republic " status to yawn in just weeks.

That being said I hope this is a wake up call for Republicans to more a public voice even if it makes our banker a tad upset.


Anonymous said...

Chen Guangcheng is not necessarily a pro-life activist-- there is no proof anywhere that he would be against a woman choosing to have an abortion by her own choice. He merely thinks this should be the individual's choice, not the government's.

Bizarre how the US pro-life movement all of a sudden cares about a Chinese dissident...

James H said...

The prolife movement is very involved in China