Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Catholic Church' s Glass Ceiling ( NYT Article )

The NYT Times had a pretty good story about a Nun that runs a pretty strict Catholic Girls School. Get Religion has a look at it here at Ghost at Catholic girls school

I don't have as many complaints as the Get Religion guy , but I admit this:
...Given the range of possibilities available to women today, and the thickness of the church’s glass ceiling, it is unlikely that there are many more Sister Doloreses on the way...
was slightly disappointing. On a related matter if there are more Sister Dolorese on the way look at the Get Religion's critique of an AP Story About that nuns on the Internet story

That being said I think the reality is the glass ceiling in the Catholic Job for a whole bunch of stuff has been breached many times. In fact that seems the trend.

While its true a woman cannot be a Bishop, a Priest, or a Pope ( though in theory maybe a Cardinal ) what about the 99 percent of the other jobs and missions in the Church. A look at your local Diocese office shows women in major positions of authority. What about Catholic media, schools, Catholic Charities , etc etc.

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