Friday, May 18, 2012

Professor Leaving Georgetown For Catholic Notre Dame Has Words For Washington Post & University on Sebelius Address

A few months back Prof Patrick J. Deneen told his student and the world why he was leaving Georgetown for Notre Dame.

 It was an sad indictment of the University.

He said in part:

...Notre Dame has recruited me explicitly because they regard me as someone who can be a significant contributor to its mission and identity, particularly the Catholic identity of the institution. Considerations of “mission fit” has become a criterion for faculty hiring at Notre Dame – indeed, it was a major consideration in seeking to hire me – whereas it is generally not a consideration at Georgetown. Without such a criterion,Georgetown increasingly and inevitably remakes itself in the image of its secular peers, ones that have no internal standard of what a university is for other than the aspiration of prestige for the sake of prestige, its ranking rather than its commitment to Truth. Its Catholic identity, which should inform every activity of the community, from curriculum to dorm life to faculty hiring, has increasingly been cordoned off to optional activities of Campus Ministry. I would like to be a contributor to a more widely-embraced institutional mission in the life of my institution and community. I don’t doubt that there will challenges at Our Lady’s University. But, there are at least a sizeable core of faithful colleagues to share in the effort, something altogether lacking at Georgetown.....

Well as I say at least there are signs that Catholic University of America in D.C. is turning around.

Today he called out both the Washington Post Op Ed Board , and Georgetown over the latest controversy that just finished up today. That is of course the Sec. Sebelius Graduation address.

See “For the Salvation of Souls”: A Farewell to Georgetown

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