Monday, May 21, 2012

New York Times Obsession Against Catholic Church Continues - Dowd Again

Again I ask the question!! What do non Catholics think of the obsessive  number of opinion pieces, articles, and official Op Eds we see from the Times Editorial Board itself against the Catholic Church? It happens so much it is comic.

The New York Times ,and among them Maureen Dowd need an intervention. Why does the NYT think it has such a special role in all this. Further why is Dowd given space week after week to work out her "issues" ?

I get the Catholic Church is the news , but this appears unhealthy in a journalism way. They need to be put on the couch.

On that note The Anchoress gives her latest thoughts to this the latest Dowd piece. See Pelosi’s failure leads Dowd to Cuomo, again

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