Friday, May 25, 2012

Pope's Butler At Center Of Vatican Leaks Crisis - But Did He Act Alone If At All

This Vatican soap opera that took a more serious turn in the last few weeks took an interesting turn today. THE BUTLER DID IT , or at least he is accused of doing it. See Vatican announces it has caught poison pen letter writer.

However as the subtitle of this article suggest " The culprit is allegedly the Pope's butler, a layman. But doubts are growing in the Holy See"  some people in the Holy See are asking some reasonable questions.

..The Vatican Gendarmerie found large wad of confidential documents in an apartment in Via di Porta Angelica, in Rome, where the Pope’s butler Paolo Gabriele lives with his wife and three children. This just over 40 year old man from Rome has been working in the Pope’s apartment since 2006, entering the Pope’s Family after a period serving Mgr. James Harvey, Prefect of the Papal Household.

But is he really a poison pen letter writer or just a scapegoat to save the skin of someone higher up? This is the question many in the Vatican are asking since rumours have been spreading regarding the inquiries into the leaked documents. The butler is in fact considered by many in the Holy See as a simple, good person who is devoted to the Pope.

Behind the document leak is a refined mind who is au fait with ecclesiastical policy. It was particularly strange how he conserved “confidential documents” after months of controversies surrounding the Vatileaks that were passed on to the press.......

Things should get very interesting over the weekend on this front.

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