Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Quality Discussion over the Ryan Budget and Catholic Social Teaching That Is Not Happening

Mirrors of Justice has a good piece looking at an Anchoress piece on this subject. The Law Prof at MOJ adds his own thoughts. See The Anchoress on Rep. Ryan and his Catholic critics

.....the Colbert & Fr. Reese bit, and to the criticism from (some) Catholic liberals (see, e.g., the Georgetown faculty letter), is pretty much the same as my own.  There's an unattractive combination, in some of these reactions, of dismissiveness and smugness, but also anger, at the very idea that Rep. Ryan could be talking about his "savage" (etc., etc.) budget as reflecting an effort to work out, in contemporary conditions, the call and challenge of the Church's social teaching..... 
I sadly agree. Which is one reason why having Catholic Social Teaching as a part of debates in the future must allow space at least in Catholic land of allowing some sort of converstation to happen.

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