Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Are Canadian Catholic Bishops Such American GOP Stooges ? - Religious Liberty Letter

Because as we all know from seeing articles with "religious liberty " in scare quotes a thousand times its all about defeating Obama or about contraception or something.

But it's not really about Religious Liberty we are told by the peanut gallery. For the latest example see  Getting the Bishops' religious-liberty efforts wrong

The Canadian Bishops put out a letter on Religious Liberty yesterday. In fact its quite a substantial one. See a intro here  and the full download here.

While not all issues are exact same we see similarities . Those similarites are not by accident. First trends in the Anglo Catholic World ( UK, Canada , New Zealand, Australia ) have effects on all of us. Much more than lets say France. Further there is no doubt that many of the elements driving the debate especially in the UK, Canada, and USA has some common currents.

Last but not least Canada is right next door. We both influence  each other. So I would submit this as larger Western Trend that is sort of an indication the American Bishops might have some valid concerns on a whole host of issues.

Its a good document. A lot of that could have come from the United States Catholic Bishops , and no one could have known the difference.

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