Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Widespread Sex Abuse Problems Among Presbyterians In Washington D.C. Area

Get Religion has a good write up about a tragic story at About that vague Presbyerian sex scandal I left this comment :

Is not the bigger story here the possible undercovered sotry of sexual abuse in this Faith community of the DC area. If you are correct and the article has a typo the man seems to be saying that 40 out of 108 Churches have had to deal with sexual abuse problems. The article is also interesting because it shows that at least in Protestant circles the covering of sex abuse gets more difficult because of the blurry line between the ordaind and the non ordained. In some place when I have seen this covered “Youth Minister” falls off and its just Church employee .

Now Catholics are largely ignoring this problem too as laity in the Church and if the standard for them shall be the same as Priests. So the story interests me on several levels. Regardless if a review of Sex abuse cases has shown the issue had to be "dealt with" in 40 out of 108 Churches that appears to be numbers that have generated huge headlines when it happened in Catholic circumsances.

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