Wednesday, April 20, 2011

National Catholic Educational Association Against Catholic Homeschoolers? - Diocese of Austin Texas Related

Over at American Catholic there is a rather disagreeable matter that is being engaged. See Diocese of Austin: Homeschoolers Need Not Apply.

Yes very disagreeable to talk about in Holy Week but well you just got too.

First there is a lot of good happening in the Diocese of Austin and that area is under huge growth and yes strain that comes with it. I also am going to assume that Bishop of Austin really did not write that letter himself. Needless to say stuff like that causes hurt. The comments in the post are interesting and many come from Catholic families in Austin. They seem to help clarify the situation

However in the comments there was this comment (the 4th one by PDQ) that is just vile and pulls the "Race" card of all things. In the comment right after the administrator of this thread say this person has commented before. As she shows the IP address comes from the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA).

Now that comment could have come from anyone. However as they Darwin Catholic said this has been a repeat offender. Catholic Homeschooling is in my view a special vocation. It is an option and is really not a threat to Catholic education in the way it is generally practiced. In fact for many Catholics it might be the only option. I am assuming in good faith this did not come from someone that has real authority over there or so I pray.It would be the height of FOLLY to assume that is the NCEA viewpoint of policy on how to engage homeschoolers. However others that are in the thick of it might not be so open to that possibility

Regardless the NCEA really should look into this matter and not let someone who has personal gripes cause a unneeded rift between Catholics here. Those remarks were very un Christian . Who knows what other Catholic Homeschooling parents this person might be sending emails too. These people also can find IP addresses too.

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