Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Need To Reform The Chrism Mass - It's Not Just For Priests and Bishops

An Anglican had a interesting post on the Holy Week Chrism Mass and the somewhat recent Catholic changes. See Changing the Oils

I think he has a point perhaps and would love to get some Catholic Liturgical input if he is on to something. I , who should know better, often view this as the thing Bishops and Priests just do during Holy Week. Though to the Church's credit there is much attention by Dioceses of trying to get the lay folks down to the Cathedral in the pews.

That being said I think Priests and Bishops , especially in these days, needs a time of special coming together that has liturgical , spiritual, and personal quality and experience. It is pretty impracticable to do that on Holy Thursday . One would not want that to be become a "Cathedral Experience Only" Liturgy at all.

Practices do change of course and people unlike the old days cannot just take the blessed oils home like they are Holy Water. However I still wonder if perhaps there are ways we can make the Chrism Mass more a important part of Holy Week for the laity.

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