Monday, April 18, 2011

The Radical Environmentalists Behind Stopping Immigration

The Volokh Conspiracy links and talks about something that appeared in the NYT this weekend. See The Green Roots of Anti-Immigration Groups .

This is all rather old news but sadly most people do not seem aware of it. Tanton, Tacndreo, Lou Dobbs all seem to think alike as to this. That is at the core of their support for John Tanton. John Tanton is not just one anti immigration advocate but the most powerful one.

Sadly the one organization that should be aware of all this but is not is the Catholic Church in the USA. Why oh why they have not brought up some his associations is beyond me. It must be just simple ignorance. Though this has been widely known for years.

Now of course this does not mean that all people that are quite vocal on one side against immigration, illegal immigration, or both share these views. But this is what is often behind the considerable power and brain trust of the Tanton groups.

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