Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unusual Good Reporting On A Catholic Priest Sex Scandal - Kissing "Cousins"

Get Religion has a good overview of a story done on well knowthe well known Priest Father Michael Manning See Kissing second cousins? A priest repents …

Of course part of the reason people like the story is the character. We have a person that has decided to deal with his sin and not rationalize it or go on a tirade against the Church. So much different from you know who in Miami.

However the journalist does not take this as an opportunity to go on rants against Catholic Celibacy which we can be thankful. I often note that when a person fails in their marriage vows there is generally not a rant about the oppressive nature of not allowing adultery.

I do agree though that the "SECOND COUSIN" thing needs be noted more and not just "cousin".

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