Monday, April 11, 2011

Edwin Edwards Trying To Recruit Republicans To Run Against Bobby Jindal

That little bit of gossip which a poster at the Hayride thinks might be well sourced is in this little piece. See Is Edwards Violating His Probation?

Besides not talking politics with politicians at the Little Village, it seems Edwards also engages in not talking politics with politicians on the phone. Impeccable sources report to the Hayride that Edwards is engaged in attempting to recruit candidates to run against Gov. Bobby Jindal – including, as it happens, Republican candidates.

These theories that Edwards has engaged in this past have always been around. If I recall correctly there were some was evidence he helped sabotage DEM Lambert's campaign against GOP Dave Treen way back in 79. The reason was he did not want to face a DEM incumbent when was able to run again.

Also in in 87 there were all sort of theories that EWE was involved in getting Billy Tauzin, Jim Brown ( I actually believe this might have merit) in the race to help him out. In fact the late Senator Russell Long told a friend of mine on a house boat in Grand Isle that actually throwing the race to Buddy Roemer was all part of the grand plan by EWE. While this might have come from the lips of Senator Long, I have a hard time believing that. No matter how close EWE was to Buddy's daddy.

Now the difference is of course EWE can't run this time. Further it would make sense in this open primary State for the Dems to do this. But what Republicans could this be if true?

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