Friday, April 29, 2011

For A Minute I Wanted To Be Anglican - Royal Wedding (updated)

Yep I was up before 2 am watching all this. What was not too like. It was majestic yet had a wonderful simplicity about it. And who could not like the military involvement and the important signs of both Christian and civic religion. For a minute ,like in this great piece from a Catholic viewpoint by Holy Smoke, I really wanted to be Anglican. See This is what the Church of England is for

Bring on the new Ordinariate!!

Update -

I saw this on Twitter and can very much agree:

MississippiMama Danielle
Twitter friends busy being all smug and Above It All, you missed the gospel being presented to about 2 billion people

How true. The Homily and the Liturgy were very sound on Marriage.

Update II-

The Houston Religon page looks at the homily here at Royal wedding gets sacred, spiritual tone with high-church homily

Update III- Did the British Press get the GOD angle and American press did not? Great piece at Get Religion at God at the royal wedding


Jay Anderson said...

Absolutely loved the reference to St. Catherine of Siena at the beginning of the sermon.

As for wanting to be Anglican ... pshaw! Instead, I find myself demanding "Give us our churches back!"


Jay Anderson said...

Not to mention "Give us our monarchy back, you Protty German usurpers!"

James H said...

LOL Well I can agree with give us the Churhces back!! Maybe some day. The Catherine fo Siena was nice touch

Andy said...

James, you need to get a DVR. I was interested to hear what was said, but not wake-up-at-2am interested.

James H said...

I took a real big nap afterward lol