Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Religious Ghosts In Future Queen of England Kate Middleton Confirmation Story

See Kate Middleton confirmed in secret ceremony ahead of Royal wedding via the Telegraph. In the Reuters piece there is some additional information plus the odd ending of putting an Catholic angle in.

I found this sort of interesting. The Future King and Queen of course will have at LEAST symbolic roles in the Church. William will be the Head of the Church. It would be interesting to know what the Faith life of the future couple is like. Is delaying Confirmation till this advanced age of 29 for the future Queen unusual or the norm in England. I noticed that Prince William got confirmed at 14.

I also note she "decided" to be confirmed as part of her marriage preparations". On this topic I just assumed that a Baptized Catholic had to be confirmed to get married in the Catholic Church. While so strongly encouraged so much that I guess it is the very much the norm it appears not technically. However I am pretty shocked that for a Royal in this position that Confirmation is not required.

Queen Elizabeth , while not being public about it, seems to have huge concerns about the state of the Anglican Church behind the scenes. She seems to be involved at some level. With the crossroads the Church of England and the worldwide Anglican communion is at , will the future King and Queen take the same behind the scene's role ,or be more public ,or not really care?

The Church of England and Anglican communion aspect of this wedding and it's future importance has not been noted much but I think it is important. Thee have been attempts to change the Law to where a Monarch or one in the line of succession could marry a Catholic or become Catholic. Strangely I have noted a good many UK devout Catholics don't think this is a good idea. They seem to grasp or think the Church of England is already in enough trouble and that separating the Monarch from it might cause further disruptions that would hurt the Christian faith generally in the UK.

Anyway there are a lot of interesting sidelines to this story.

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