Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is it Ever Ok To Lie Debate Gets Noticed Outside Catholic Ghetto - Planned Parenthood

There was a news story on it here. The Religion News Service has an article up at Spotlight on abortion activist makes some Catholics nervous.

Here is my question, if this is such a huge moral question of importance then why her? Lying and deception is a critical part of many Catholics job in Law Enforcement on both the State and Federal levels. Why does a 22 year old girl that exposes Planned Parenthood create all the controversial and everyday Catholics that do prostitution and Drug stings for example do not?

Because if what she is doing is wrong then has not the Church committed malfeasance in not saying HEY CATHOLICS modern day law enforcement is a no go in many cases? The fact that it appears to be fine that one can be Catholic DEA agent acting undercover and deceiving appears to make me think there is a lot of gray area.

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