Friday, April 15, 2011

Regarding Donald Trump and the GOP Nomination

In April 2007 – the leading contender for the Republican nomination was Rudy Giuliani, who ended up winning a single delegate. Go down memory lane here.

Rudy by the way was a much more serious guy than Trump. However anyone that thought about it knew he had no chance. Yet the entertainment driven political media in NYC and D.C. gave him far more early exposure than he perhaps deserved.

While one can make a case that Rudy should have got that attention I suppose one cannot make the case for Trump From Fox to CNN and in all other media outlets it is amazing how much attention Trump is getting. The more attention he gets people that are not really paying attention recognize the name and just mention it on polls. It will not produce votes. In day where we have a crisis in Japan, in active combat in three countries, got must see budget tv drama , it's amazing that Trump is getting all this attention.

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