Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Louisiana Congressional Redistricting Done !! Maps With Population Breakdowns

Minutes ago the Louisiana Legislature in a beat a clock game approved these new Congressional Districts. The plan was backed by Governor Jindal and will get his signature

The Legislative black caucus will sue but I suspect the Justice Dpeartment will uphold these maps. I am pleased with it.


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Rick67 said...

It's ugly as sin but probably as good as its going to get. Looks like there's one majority African-American district* which includes New Orleans and then snakes its way over and across the river to get in north Baton Rouge.

I regard geographical-economic interests as far more important than ethnicity aka "race". I am appalled at the extent to which "race" was invoked in the redistricting debate. What does East Carroll have to do with New Orleans?!?

*District 2 is predominantly urban and I think that matters more.

James H said...

Hey Rich

I think the New Baton Rouge/New Orleans District is the most significant and interesting. I don't think people in NOLA have quite grasped how significant this is. I ntend to post on that dynamic today or tomorrow

Nicholas Jagneaux said...


I really - REALLY - don't like the new district.

I'm in Evangeline Parish. I'm going to get a Congressman from Shreveport.

Not Lafayette; not Alexandria. But Shreveport.

There's nothing wrong with Shreveport, mind you (I spent a few good evenings in the Noble Savage pub once upon a time). But, it's just so ... far away from me - culturally and geographically.

Just when I was getting to establish a relationship with Boustany.

So, what does my new district look like from where you sit?