Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Anglican Diocese of Sydney- Head Quarters of Anglican Anti catholics?

I use anti catholic with a small "c" in this post. I do not that because I am not assuming that Anglican in this Diocese are ANTI ROMAN CATHOLIC with a big C. Though I can assume they are much in in disagreement with us.

The Anglican Priest from New Zealand "Liturgy" had an interesting post at lay presidency – again. This deals with the issue if a lay person can "preside" at the Eucharist. This is a consistent thought from this Anglican Diocese that seems to push this issue a great deal.

Strangely you will have some very radical Roman Catholic at times try to push this idea but they are of course on the fringes and have a different agenda in some regards than the conservative Anglicans of Sydney. Anyway this is something I sometimes follow because even in traditional Congregationalist congregations in my area this would never be considered.

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