Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why National Right To Life Does Not Talking Execution , Immigration And Entitlement Issues?

How outrageous. I am looking at the Catholics Against Capital Punishment and there is nothing I say nothing on the issues of pro-life and Catholic issues of abortion, immigration, and the pending recent budget debate. Why are not Catholic there commenting on cuts to medicare and the Catholic Social Justice debate over the debt ceiling. Ditto at this secular site. The NCADP - The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty is another offender that even does not talk about Affordable Care Act. The insanity!!

It gets worse!! The important Catholic Immigrations network appears to be silent of not talking about these issues of the federal budget, medicare, cuts, planned parenthood, or the the pro-life view of a healthy environment. Don't they know it's Earth Day coming up? How Pro-life is any of that?

Over at VOX NOVA we have the monthly bash National Right To Life post. See Woe to You…

The National Right to Life really does not have the mission or for that matter the expertise to be commenting and giving optional plans for a safety net for the poor. It has a clear mission. That is life issues relating to mainly to ABORTION. If the National Right to Life diverted resources and expertise and starting issues statements on overrall PRO LIFE (that is encompassing all Catholic Social Justice) concerns it would tear the place apart. They are engaging Planned Parenthood in the budget debate because well they are the number 1 abortion provider.

I don't expect the Death Penalty folks to talk medicare cuts so why is National Right To Life held to a different standard?

I have been critical when I think the National Right to Life has been too partisan. I do think at times they need to make sure they take a more NRA like position. The NRL needs to be a place where all parties are welcomed.

That being said the National Right to Right is not betraying it's core mission by not commenting or using it's lobby power on issues that are beyond it's mandate or expertise.

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