Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Vatican- Yesterday’s Technology Tomorrow! -

Father Z has thoughts on the Vatican's new web page rollout. See REVIEW: L’Osservatore Romano’s new website and online editions

On a side not I am happy there appears to be movement. I am hoping what we hear about other areas in Vatican media is true. That being said I am tad disappointed that when the free trial is over the Vatican Newspaper is going to be like 72 dollars a year.

The Vatican that is constantly bordering on running in the red should use their web presence for tasteful and appropriate revenue generation. Like for instance Peter's Pence and other collections. Imagine lets say you donate 25 dollars to Peter's Pence and get a year of the Vatican paper online as a gift. I think this could done in a way which would be a positive and help fund the Vatican media presence too boot as well as other worthy collections. Like for instance the Good Friday Holy Land Collection .

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