Saturday, April 16, 2011

When Internet Friends Kill Themselves

There is something tragic in this age when people can communicate with each other like nothing before they don't reach out. There was a stage in my life when I was very suicidal. Got the pills and everything. It was my Faith (and fear of Hell) and some foggy awareness that managed to break through what it would do to my parents that stopped me from it. I hope if anyone that reads my blog or tweets or whatever that is that state feels free to talk to me. It does get better.


Jim said...

I have never had thoughts of suicide (for myself), and it is a very hard thing to understand.
My older brother committed suicide many years ago, and I have tried to understand it. I can't.
I think it is hard for most people to know how to talk to someone about it. You have been there, so you could be effective in doing that. I do know the pain and emptiness that it causes.

James H said...

I was blessed I guess. I was at the edge where I had enough of my mind to know the pain it would have caused. Though I can see if I had not reached out how I could have gone over the edge to where I would not have known or even comprehended that to think about that. Most people that actually do it I think are that stage and truly are not repsonsible for their actios. It is very tragic and of course the bad thing is they are very good at putting on a public face that every thing is fine. I look back at that part of my life with some astonishment at how I led a double life and was not even aware I was doing it

Marc said...

Very sorry to read this; I'll remember your friend and his family in prayer. A friend of mine committed suicide; a terrible... series, really, of tragedies, from the beginning (lost in his past, somewhere) until the final one.

I saw, just yesterday, I think, somewhere online an article about people who began their suicides only to end up surviving the act itself; the gist was that they most of them realised (just after e.g. the jump off the bridge) that they had made a terrible mistake.

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