Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baton Rouge Advocate Rightly Called Out on Jindal and Louisiana Birther Bill

The Hayride has a good piece calling out the Baton Rouge Advocate's piece on Jindal and the the proposed Birther Bill. See The Advocate’s Slip Is Showing

I think he is right to call out the Advocate of trying to make this a racial or immigrant issue. Let us say that a Republican white white guy with a Canadian birth father and and American mother was running. Lets assume that there was some mystery about his birth and the Yukon territory. You can bet your bottom dollar there would be a segment of democrats in order to stop the Executive from falling into GOP hands that would be doing what we are seeing today.

For the record I think Obama is an American citizen. I also think there potential Constitutional problems with the proposed bill. Those issues are where it should engaged.

On a side note I think Jindal has messed up here. I agree that Jindal does not likely give two flips about this bill. However the Jindal response was I think not responsible. At the very least he should wait to see what kind off bill actually gets to him after all the amendments. That being said I would not be shocked to see Jindal move off this position that he will sign it if the legislature passes it. Partly because the national GOP will not like to see this bill happen. Further this bill is explosive. Jindal is going to need some Democrat support to get his agenda through. That will be much more of a priority in Jindal's mind than this bill dealing with birth certificates.

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Anonymous said...

Was jindal born in Louisiana? Now talk about a third world country! I was born there and I would't live in that state if I had to move to Alaka to avoid it.
Love the LSU Tigers, however. Thanks for my undergraduate "education' Louisiana.