Saturday, April 23, 2011

Louisiana Congressman Cedric Richmond Not Safe At All

In Louisiana the redistricting saga often has the side line of throwing two incumbent GOP Congressmen into what no doubt will be a nasty battle. However what the real interesting story to me is what has been known as the New Orleans seat. To maintain this as a black majority district it had to include a substantial number of rural voters and nice part of North Baton Rouge. How the dynamics of this district has changed is breathtaking.

The progressive blog The Daily Kingfish has a good post looking at this district that is now currently held by Freshman Congressman Cedric Richmond. See Safe District but Not A Safe Seat.
For political geeks like myself this race is a dream come true.

It needs to be recalled that we are sadly going back to the open primary. I thought that was a crucial mistake. I think closed primaries are crucial for party building. But it is what it is.

This could not be happening at a worse time for Congressman Richmond. Republicans in this district could become major king makers. That is if they maintain some discipline and not go voting for a Republican that is doomed to lose anyway.

Social and economic conservative should play smart politics here. There are opportunities to back the right black democrat that would be a improvement to say the least over Congressman Richmond. Further the addition of these Parishes will somewhat keep whoever is in that office a tad nervous. In other words one will not be Congressman for life if he just controls the New Orleans political machine.

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