Monday, April 11, 2011

So Earth Day and Good Friday Falls On the Same Day This Year

Unfortunate that Earth Day & Good Friday Fall on the Same day. Some Catholic liturgical terrorists will just not be able to help themselves. MCJ has a look at what the Episcopals are doing.

Have no doubt what some Catholics are doing will be far worse and numerous. In many cases this will happen with the Station of the Cross Devotion. I actually am willing to give on this. Some Peace and Justice Good Friday Devotions can be done right. However often you give an inch and a mile is taken. I am much more a stickler that the GOOD FRIDAY Liturgy not be touched.

Care must be taken I think that Good Friday , in both our devotions and Liturgy, does not become the tool of just one political theme. It needs to be a day of Christians in Unity focusing on the Cross.

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