Friday, April 8, 2011

John Piper - Burning the Koran is Like Killing Christ

Now before everyone hyperventilates go read Koran Burning is comparable to crucifying Christ, says Piper

He is just explaining the viewpoint. Think how Catholics get outraged when the Eucharist is desecrated. From what I can tell he is not saying "ban" burning the KORAN or asking for other similar laws in the USA that no doubt would not pass Constitutional muster. Still a good point.

Update- I thought maybe I was clear but perhaps I need to be clearer. When I say" Look how Catholics get outraged over the Eucharist" I am just doing Piper's view into a Catholic viewpoint. Whie we get would get outraged many Protestants that think nothing really happens there would be far less outraged. I am not condoning the people that murdered for goodness sake.

Trying to bring clarity to what the actual Islamic belief is just that . Trying to bring clarity and is not some commentary on a thousands different matters


Jay Anderson said...

"Think how Catholics get outraged when the Eucharist is desecrated."

Yeah, I remember the last time that idotic professor in Minnesota desecrated the Eucharist and a group of seminarians went out and murdered a bunch of U.N. relief workers in retaliation.

James H said...

Jay I am not saying that Catholics do that. I am trying to show a connection between how the Muslims view the Koran and perhaps Catholic view the Eucharist.

Further most Muslims in the world did not go out and kill people after the Koran burning either.

Mary Kochan (Catholic Lane) said...

So, ok, we understand. Muslim devotion to the Koran is emotionally like Catholic devotion to Christ, rather than like Catholic devotion to the Bible.

No, let's see you get from that to the slaughtering of completely innocent people who were in your country to help you and had nothing to do with the burning of the Koran.

Having a bit of trouble making that leap? Yeah, so are the rest of us.

Most Muslims are not condemning the murders either. They aren't rising up to put a stop to the fanatacism.

James H said...


Let me be clear here. I am not endorsing what those Muslims did. THey are responsible.

What Piper is doing and only what he is doing is trying to show how Muslims do not view the Koran as we Christians view the Bible.

That's it. Neither he (from what I can tell) nor I think for goodness sake that the behavior was OK.

I put this link up here soley for the purpose of showing the point that how a Christian views the Koran is different from how a Muslim sees the Koran.

I knew that at some level but he put it clearer