Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Huge Victory For Washington DC Kids In Government Shutdown Drama

Like everyone else I was following this. I will have more thoughts later. However this great development seems to be going under the radar. See Budget deal includes D.C. abortion rider, money for school vouchers


The Rodgers said...

Public money should not be used for Catholic vouchers. I am Catholic and went to a K-12 Catholic school in Michigan. I believe Catholic education is important. However, I believe the Church in general should do a better job of funding these schools appropriately so that they can offer money in the form of grants or scholarships to low-income families. They did this for years in the city of Detroit. Then we had "white flight" and parish schools were set up in the suburbs with no one to subsidize the inner city Catholic schools that served low-income families. In my opinion, the fact that D.C. schools think they need vouchers to serve low-income families is a disgrace to our Catholic faith that teaches us to care for the needy and give alms. It is lent.

The Rodgers said...
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The Rodgers said...

P.S. Love Your Blog. Keep up the good work.

James H said...

Thanks just checking it!!

LEt me say I think on the crisis that is un the DC schools that this might be needed.

HOWEVER I do agree with you. There does seem to be an tendency at times that Catholic cshools now seme ot serve the well off. In the old days they served both. I do agree with you that with the diposable income of Catholics as it is today we might be not taking our responsibility serioulsy