Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Democrat Latinos Get What They Deserved With Obama -Immigration Deception

Reuben Navarrette has a good column up at The Obama Two-Step dealing with how some Latino's are noting Obama's deception on immigration policy.

My answer is what took them so long. This was the man in a cynical political move killed the 2007 immigration by a poison pill. It was the left and Latinos Democrats that pretended not to notice. No one has held them to account for perhaps killing the real last chance to pass immigration reform for maybe a decade.

I disagree with Navarrette on how simple it is the proposed Executive order that is mentioned could be signed by Obama. As I mentioned yesterday what grant of authority gives Obama that power? I agree that in the real world some needed discretion is happening in an informal way in the enforcement against lets say the Dream Act kids. However to make that official policy on a wide level is very problematic.

Regardless Obama played a huge role in killing immigration reform in 2007 to appease Union allies and rob both Bush and McCain of a victory that would benefit them in Latino quarters. Those Latino Democrats that went along have no room to complain.

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