Friday, February 4, 2011

This One Louisiana Coastal Congressional District Idea Is Idiotic

The Hayride has a good post here. See Congressional Redistricting Fight Getting A Little Snippy With Special Session A Month Away.

Now what caught my eye is this idea of Coastal Louisiana being represented by just one Congressman.

........The coastal-district plan has lots of backers; in fact, yesterday POLITICO had a piece on the idea in which it was presented as, if not a fait accompli, a likely event.

The single-district blueprint has gained steam in recent weeks, with the St. Mary, Iberia and St. Martin parish councils — all situated on the dividing line between the two current districts — passing resolutions pledging their support for the plan. Several other parishes are expected to take up resolutions in the near future.

“Conventional wisdom is that this is going to happen,” said James Hartman, a GOP consultant in the state who recently worked on Sen. David Vitter’s successful reelection campaign. “It will be easier to justify having a single voice.”

The plan also carries the endorsement of Rep. Jeff Landry, a freshman Republican who won a seat encompassing the eastern Louisiana shoreline.

“There is a need for one voice,” Landry told POLITICO in an interview. “I think there is a tremendous amount of hunger on the coast for it.”

“I think that the leaders in Louisiana who are looking out for what is best in Louisiana would like to see this pass,” added Landry, who said supporters of the proposal “recognize that having several people legislate for the entire coast has not been entirely successful.

That is just tons of STUPID!! How is Coastal power enhanced by having fewer votes. Under this logic one could say Louisiana will pass on electing two Senators we just need one. Once clear voice you know.

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