Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do We Need To Teach In RCIA That One Must Believe in Teacher Unions?

I rather not. The Real Presence, the Virgin Mary, the Pope, Confession, etc etc already gives us a lot on our plate.

Yet to hear some Catholics it is right up there on the list of the above topics. I often wonder if Catholics take time to think people hearing this might think they can't actually become Catholic if they hold a contrary view.

Mirrors of Justice has a good discussion going on at A good Catholic cannot support Gov. Walker's plan. Discuss.

I tend to go where the discussion goes there. That it is not clear at all that Catholic Social Justice thoughts Unions would apply to the public sector for the various reasons given or to collective bargaining . I AM NOT SAYING IT CANNOT but goodness I think its clear it is far from settled. Why all the infallible like statements like it was?

Catholic often berate "Fundamentalist" and throw that term out there with some abandon. However many Catholics (on both political sides in fact ) can often be the worst "Fundamentalist" when it comes to Papal Documents on Catholics Social Justice and of course the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church.

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