Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Surprise - Bobby Jindal Has No Serious Oppostion For Governor

Tip of the Hat to the Hayride for this. See
Governor's race mostly a "one-man" show with eight months to go .

This was pretty much confirmed to me after a conversation I had with someone that is TUNED IN to State politics.

Now this is sort of shocking. While Jindal is a smart politico one can argue he has made some mistakes. Sometimes his endorsement or rather NON ENDORSEMENT of GOP people in the state baffles me. Yet maybe it is paying off. Despite the yapping of the Moon Griffon crowd there appears to be no opposition from Bobby's right to emerge.

The fact that the States economic woes plus the horrible University budget crisis has not brought for an opponent is striking.

Now one could make an argument that in reality that this is not a good thing. That if Jindal had made some harder choices early on that we needed that should have sparked an opponent. That is Jindal has avoided the hard controversial things so far and therefore a natural opponent has not risen.

Maybe no one wants to take on this mess we are in?

However it is what it is. It appears all thos trips to North Louisiana where a Governor rarely appears has paid off. All those Sunday morning Church trips from places to A to Z has paid off. All those events where Jindal is giving a medal to every Veteran he can find haspaid off. The fact that actually people get to see their Governor outside Baton Rouge and the political $500 dollars a couple political cocktail circuit has paid off.

While people might complain that Jindal has been out of State the fact is Jindal has perhaps traveled in State more than any other Governor in recent memory.

Again it appears to have paid off.

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