Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baptist Minister :Bible Can't Really Teach Us Much About Sex and Morals

This is part II of a post from yesterday. See Baptist Minister- Bible Can't Teach Us Much About Marriage.

Prof and ordained American Baptist MinisterJennifer Wright Knust has part II of of her thoughts up at the Washington Post at What does the Bible say about sexuality? .

Needless to say Prof Knust is on the edge of even what Liberal Baptists think. There is so much fail here I don't even know where to start to attack it. I might try to see if anyone has attempted to refute all that in a coherent organized way before attempting it.


Rick67 said...

I wasn't sure what to make of this at first. Did a little digging and Knust does have some stature as a scholar especially in the area of text criticism.

She's at least half right that our current notion of "sexual relations only between married man and woman" does not always translate well into Scripture. The situation was indeed different especially in Old Testament. That is not to say current traditional Christian views are wrong. Just that we can't read our current convictions into biblical texts without at least some qualification.

However the instant she played the "David and Jonathan were gay lovers" card I could no longer take her seriously on this subject.

I'm also not quite sure how to take the "I'm a biblical scholar and an ordained Baptist minister!" line. I don't dismiss that. But I wonder why she finds it necessary to stress it. Top scholars don't normally trumpet their credentials up front. It's as if she wants us to take her arguments seriously just because she has a certain authority as (a) scholar and (b) ordained minister.

Leftists play the "authority" card a lot. (Conservatives do as well but arguably less often.) The problem with "and you *know* I must be right because of who I am" is what happens when a (a') scholar and (b') ordained minister comes along who completely disagrees with her? Does the same rule apply?

Rick67 said...

Update - some good (not perfect) responses by The Reformed Pastor.