Friday, February 4, 2011

Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl Not Too Helpful Comments On The Anglican Ordinariate

As you can see at the comments the folks at the Anglo Catholic are not pleased. See Cardinal Wuerl on the Status of a U.S. Ordinariate.

Now I am not going to get paranoid about that but you can't blame Anglicans that are risking a good bit not to be.

From what I can tell there has never been any indication of anything to lead to the idea that the Ordinariate is not going to become a ESTABLISHED FACT IN THE USA. That being said this might be an indication that the process might be a tad slower than many want. Again I am not going to read too much into the Cardinal's comments. As the one comment at the post said:

You might just consider that whether there is enough demand in the USA isn't Cardinal Wuerl's call to make, but that of the CDF and the Holy Father. Cardinal's Wuerl's job is to gather information and facilitate matters. His choice of words simply indicates respect for the assigned division of responsibility in this matter.

I actually think that is the case. Bad choice of words no doubt( I would have put a more optimistic spin on the WHEN not if ) but there has been no indication that the USA will not have some Ordinariate structure. Especially when we see things like this.

See Bishop Campese to Head Provisional Structure

The Cardinal did not really say anything wrong. However I do think he needs to realize that trust is having to be built here.

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