Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Episcopal Church Folks Acting Bad In Louisiana

Red Stick Rant has Shhhh. Don't Tell Katherine Schori.


SJ Reidhead said...

We have a priest who is always packing. When he is officiating, he leaves his gun in another location, which I will not disclose, even though i know where he leaves it. Then again, I swear there are times when he has done a service wearing one!

The Presiding Bishop has actually visited St. Paul's in Tombstone. You can't get closer to the firearms action than that.

I know of a bishop who is always packing.

I think Scolari's term is up this summer - PLEASE!

The Pink Flamingo

James H said...

LOL Yeah it is funny on how attitudes depends on Regions. On Scolari Yeah its good her term is up. I think the TEC needs a person that is big on reconciliation this time

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