Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting You Catholic Dance Moves Down- The Sign of the Cross

This is so original and well done. Good to print out for CCD and RCIA. Fun stuff.

Practical Catholic (a convert and former Minister) has Catholic Dance Moves: The Neon Bible Approach to Catholicism

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Cool Catholics Dance The Cross

Former Alvin Ailey dancer choreographs a new line dance for the ‘hit’ song, “I’m Catholic Cool.” Catholics come home to a brand new beat!

“A message with movement is a message remembered,” says Kimberly Milbourne, choreographer of the new line dance called, “The Cross.”

Inspired by the theme song, “I’m Catholic Cool” for the project with the same name, many Catholics are singing a new tune and dancing a new step now that The I’m Catholic Cool Project has breathed new life into the Catholic faith.

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