Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Massive Response to Lisa Miller and Newsweek On Gay Relationships and Scripture

Lots happened while I was ill.

It appears someone has taken time of respond to the the horrid Lisa Miller piece I posted a few weeks ago.

See via Titus One Nine the piece More than “Mutual Joy”: Lisa Miller of Newsweek Against Scripture and Jesus.

Now what I like about this piece are the links he provides to past pieces he has done. It is really a goldmine that about answers every pro argument for Christian gay marriage put forward.

For instance I would very much read this piece he links which he links- response to Kristof, “‘God and Sex’ or ‘Pants on Fire’?”,

This is all a pretty massive tome and all his links are worth downloading an reading upon for further study and when Christians are called upon to answer this.


Rick67 said...
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James H said...

I have to admit those series of articles and PDF files he has linked is one of the best resources I have seen on this. Especially as to the OT.

THe thing that concernsm me is this. If people are in my view going to do so much violence to the text in order to get a result (gay marriage etc) then what is next? That concern should not just be a "conservative" one because this could easily flip