Friday, February 11, 2011

Planned Parenthood Videos Start Catholic Blog War

CMR has a review at Thomas Peters vs. Vox Nova

As you can see this all started when Thomas Peters decided to do a review of how the more liberal/progressive Catholic elements were handling the news of the recent Planned Parenthood videos. Peters included Vox Nova in that list.

In a way I can understand why Vox Nova reacted the way it did. There are blogs and then there the big Catholic publications. It is always dangerous to assume even on a group blog that because a person is not blogging about "x" they hold a certain position. For instance I am very interested in the Planned Parenthood vids but I have not blogged on them. Now of course after a period of time and if the news cycle dictates one might want to make inquires. For instance a times I think some very Orthodox Catholic conservative blogs are sometimes hesitant on speaking out on immigration reform because they don't want to offend allies. I have to be careful there before I assume that or think they support x position.

That being said Vox Nova reacted and perhaps not in a very productive way. Though I do think some of the later posts at Vox Nova and some of the back and forth in the comments sections are good .

I have largely ignored this because I suspected the issue would resolve around an ever popular Catholic topic around this sort of thing. Is it ever ok to lie or deceive for a greater good. A topic that seems to debated quite a bit.

However the back and forth got to be more than that. It might be productive in the end or so we can hope.

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