Thursday, February 24, 2011

Former " Catholics " For Free Choice Leader Says Pro-life Forces Are Winning

This has been getting some play. See via The Corner this post.

What she is advocating there by the way I expect has some pro-choice folks about to call a heresy trial.

By the way perhaps the often criticized pro-life movement and yes even many Republicans should get get a little less grief. The Pro-life movement and Republicans of course need to be subject to criticism. It is constructive. However much of the argument has been this:

Republicans Don't care about abortion. Look we have had Republican Presidents and we still have abortion. The Pro-life movement are stooges for the Republican party.

Now like many criticisms there are time nuggets of truth. I do think at times the Pro-Life Community should have a more aggressive NRA approach in dealing with friendly democrats. Further not all Republican have pro-life concerns as their main focus or even on the list.

However whenever I heard this charge I found it very hollow. What did people want "Republican" Presidents to do. Have the CIA take out liberal pro choice Justices? Send out the Federal Marshals to close all the abortion clinics?

The fact is the "incremental" approach is working. A approach that even by many Catholic friends has been lambasted as "doing nothing" Though avenues are limited, pro-lifers largely outside the view of the Beltway press, have kep the pressure on in the States. The conversation that happened there is what was important. Thus we see the remarks of person linked above today.

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