Friday, February 25, 2011

Heard Governor Bobby Jindal Deliver A Very Pro Teacher Message Today

While one might have some legit gripes against some teacher unions in many States it is always important not to get in the mode of runaway teacher bashing. As this person noted while one can even support what the Wisconsin Governor is doing one can also feel for the people protesting. See A Few Thoughts on Wisconsin and Unions via America Catholic.

I see a good many conservatives note that even in Wisconsin there are some alarming rates of illiteracy among kids. The question is why are we paying so many people so much for perhaps not great results. True this is a mix bag and no doubt the lack of school reform plays a role. However is not the biggest culprit the PARENTS THEMSELVES.

I thought of this today when Governor Jindal came to my area for a "Town hall Meeting". It was more him speaking . To be more detailed it was a unofficial Campaign like speech cloaked in look "what we as Louisiana folks are doing TOGETHER" verbiage. It's not me its you!!! Nothing wrong with that and he brought up a lot of good points. Also the food was good and that puts people in much better spirits :)

However he really hit on education. Not a word about teacher Unions but words about giving teacher options and a TEACHER BILL OF RIGHTS. He basically said the biggest problem we have is that the parents now yell too much at the teachers and take up for their precious children way to much perhaps. He also talked about recognizing teacher achievement and other issues.

It is a good thing to keep in mind even for those of us that see what the Governor of Wisconsin is doing as necessary. There needs to be a balance in all this. I am glad Jindal gave it today.


Anonymous said...

I'm the visitor from St Louis.. interesting that this website announces my arrival. I've suggested elsewhere that the answer to the Wisconsin brawl, which is about a lot more than teachers, is to put th union demands and the government offers on the ballot and let the unions customers, we the taxpayers, decide whether to give them what they ask for. But Bobby has illuminated the matter one bit more by drawing our attention to teachers needs beyond the paycheck. I'm afraid teachers are the victims of the same acceptance of state control of behavior as spawned the nanny state. The answer in both cases is greater individual (or parental) responsibility and less reliance on government (or teachers) to regulate behavior. Jindahl is a great voice for sanity.

James H said...

Thanks for commenting. Yeah I think it is a mixed bag here and Like I said I get the teachers viewpoint in Wisconsin while I get while the Gov is having to do what he does.

One thing is that school is not such a different place and perhaps much more difficult to teach in that the payback is early retirement and great benefits for the grief.

You and Bobby are right about the parents. I mean if you make sure your kids reads at home. Take them to the library during the summer they read!! Can't just rely on teachers