Friday, February 18, 2011

Parents on Both Sides of Iowa High School Wrestling Controversy Class Acts

I saw the story of the the very good Iowa High School kid (Home schooled) that refused to wrestle a female opponent based on religious reasons on CNN this morning. Get Religion looks at this story at Wrestling with religious convictions

I noticed via their comments that this person thinks this is a sign of SEXISM run wild in sports still.

Though there is some vocal disagreement in the comment section. However what struck me was this.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I wish everyone well, too, but this incident does say something about sexism in sports. No matter how much progress we've made with gender equality, sadly, it's still difficult for female athletes to battle stereotypes and be taken seriously. Someone's always going to question their abilities, decline to compete against them as an equal (as in this case), or ask them why they don't just cheerlead or play a sport for which there's an all-girls' team. That's all there is to it. And it's seriously frustrating.

I am going to hit this in another post. Yes we have a HUGE gender problem in sports but the males are very much more the victim nowadays and it is having long term consequences. I will hit that in another post.

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