Thursday, February 10, 2011

66 Louisiana House Districts Will Have to Be Remapped

As a poltical nerd redistricting interests me. Sadly it does not seem to interest the public till it's too late.

The Hayride has linked a Advocate article at 66 Of 105 La. House Districts Must Be Remapped.

Now in the backgorund of this of course are certain provisions of the voting rights act which Louisiana is STILL UNDER. What to watch for is that again alliance that forms about this time. That is between the the black caucus and the GOP. That is maintaining as best as possible the black majority district which make many other districts more white and in fact GOP leaning.

Which means that often white (or indeed a black) conservative to moderate democrat is on the whole going to have a harder problem getting elected because the necessary coalition disappears. There are exceptions to this of course but the wheels are turning behind the scenes.

I think this is one reason why we saw some state /local elected folks defect to the GOP across Louisiana just like the rest of the South. They know what is coming.

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