Friday, February 18, 2011

Mike Huckabee's Love For Israel Is Genuine

I recall a conversation I had with a an very well educated evangelical Ivy League educated woman some time back. She mentioned that yes some stereotypes of Jews were very correct in her view but that did not prevent her from having a deep love for the Jewish people and especially ISRAEL. It was an amusing conversation and very very informative. I have no doubt she was very sincere.

She is also not alone among evangelicals. That is very common though it appears even many Jews give that love a back slap of their hand. For instance it gets tiresome to see the Great Defender of the Israel The New Republic often run article that seem to assume the worst about conservative Christian friends of Israel on other political matters.


Politico has a good article on this and Mike Huckabee at Mike Huckabee at home abroad on frequent trips to Israel .

Now I am very Pro-Israel but I am not exactly where Huckabee is at on all issues. I think a two State solution is the way to go and even Jews in Israel realize that. However I think it is a good example of a love that is indeed spiritual at it roots.

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