Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catholics, Lies, and Undercover Police Work

Well the Catholic blog sphere is on this topic again!! The current Planned Parenthood videos are the cause of a return to this topic. We saw this topic visited not too long ago as to the now famous Acorn videos.

I never quite understand they these cases cause the question of lying and deception to be examined yet every day Catholics by the ton lie or deceive their jobs and are expected to be very good at it.

Rick Garnett at Mirrors of Justice kinds of opens that up at Tollefsen: "Why lying is always wrong"

Every time this comes up I expect someone to try to at least interview perhaps a Catholic chaplain to Law enforcement, or a Catholic Prosecutor , or a Catholic Judge get their thoughts. Maybe this time someone might do do it. This is not a issue I spend a lot of time thinking about but I have to admit it seems that if ALL LYING IS WRONG then the Church has been pretty negligent in dealing with these professions.

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