Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Episcopal Liturgy Helped Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director to Become Catholic

and her husband too boot.


Now I don't want to focus on the perhaps real problematic issue that the TEC is direct vocal active political and moral opposition to us on abortion. There are believe it not still pro-life TEC folks. What got me was this part:

Johnson’s embrace of Catholicism was a natural development after she became pro-life but was precipitated by her pro-choice Episcopalian community’s vocal rejection of her change of heart, she said. Even before the dramatic experience of assisting in an ultrasound abortion, Johnson said God had been calling to her for several months through the penitential rite of the Episcopal service, which is similar to the Catholic prayer.

Now that is interesting. There are of course people that downplay Liturgy as boring, as man made, as coming between them and God yada yada yada. Here we see a person, a person indeed in active sin it appears, at the time immersing herself in the Liturgy as an active participant. And God was talking to her thought it.


Anonymous said...

I read the comments to the post on the MCJ and found a comment about a tweet done by Christopher Johnson of the Opinionated Catholic. Is that your pen name?

James H said...

Oh no I am not Chris Johnson :)

James H said...

Chris JOhnson is the guy that does MCJ itself. I am not sure they that link picked up my tweet as Chris Johnson