Thursday, February 10, 2011

Archbishop Gomez Talks Immigration Policy ( A Good Voice)

Ok I know among conservatives Cardinal Mahony was radioactive. He was also the point man for the immigration reform debate.

NO matter what you think of Cardinal Mahony ( He is a Saint, He is Liberal heretic etc etc) I thought he was too much of a lightning rod to have as the point man from a pure PR standpoint.

Plus the fact that he was in up to his neck dealing with the sad woes of the sex abuse scandal well made his leadership problematic. He also I thought had the amazing habit of being a tad lets say polarizing. That is perhaps just one side of the Church's position on immigration was getting out.

As someone that invested time in advocating for the Bush immigration proposals well this was counterproductive.

So one reason I was glad that Archbishop Gomez was becoming Archbishop of LA was that he felt he could get all sides of the Churches position on immigration out there. IE we not for open borders etc etc.

It seems he is making progress on that front. Catholic Vote has a good piece on a talk he gave in Florida recently.

I am hopeful. Both sides get very very very hot under the collar on the issue fast. Each side gets defensive and emotions run wild. Archbishop Gomez appears to me someone that calm the waters so people can talk. That is really needed among Catholics.

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